Umrah & Seerah Tour Testimonials



Alhumdulillah I was fortunate to be part of the tour this December with Zaytoon Academy. My decision to go with Zaytoon was based on a number of factors –

Friends and family have been on other tours (The Masjid Al Aqsa Tour) conducted by Zaytoon Academy and all have only ever talked about how wonderful and fulfilling the tours have been.

In addition to this, my personal experience of observing and listening to the passion in which Mufti Adam teaches and also how he communicates with every individual is highly motivating.

My decision was made to go and from the moment I expressed my interest online I never had a moment where I would question ‘what is happening?’. This is the first example of the outstanding organisation and communication provided by Zaytoon Academy. I was regularly kept informed of deadlines for submissions, reminders for vaccinations and in addition regular, almost daily bursts of knowledge and practice from Mufti (via WhatsApp). The education starts right at the beginning!

Closer to the departure date, a ‘Meet and Greet’ combined with an educational seminar was organised – this was a great ice breaker as sometimes travelling with a large group of strangers can be daunting for some.

The educational seminar is a valuable experience for anyone who is going on the tour.  General housekeeping is covered (dates, times, locations and even what you will need with you), but first and foremost the knowledge building around your Umrah tour really takes shape. Mufti Adam conducted the seminar breaking down good practice, what is necessary and a how-to. Regardless of your knowledge, Mufti had something to teach everyone.

The journey to Saudi was calm and without problem, In fact any journey we took during the tour was calm, without problem – perfectly organised.

Our group went to Madinah first and the moment you are there you start to understand what Mufti Adam has been expressing and educating through text messages and his seminar. Gentle reminders and prompts remind you of the importance of being in Madinah. For myself, Alhumdulillah my love for the city of Madinah has just grown. You can only really understand what you have learnt when you are there. Inshallah we all get to go to Madinah.

As this is an educational tour Mufti Adam kept us all learning and practicing and was always available to give knowledge selflessly throughout. Ziayraat in Madinah was another example of this, you are not just told what you need to know but instead you are walked through the life of our Prophet Muhammed SAW. This was definitely a major plus point for the tour.

Makkah was no different, the educational seminar really showed its value here. The knowledge and lessons taught prior to arriving in Makkah help build my excitement, the practice of Umrah became easier. (May our Umrah be accepted). One of the main things that it helped was my Patience and acceptance, (something Mufti Adam reminded us often).

Alhumdulillah the group I was part of was easy going, eager and caring. A mixed group, families, couples, friends and my neighbour! Yet throughout there was never a problem, there was never a delay and I never felt overwhelmed as everyone supported each other.

The accommodation was excellent throughout, facilities were of a high quality. You can see the effort and organisation around the accommodation. In both cities the hotels were on the doorsteps of the respected Masjids!! Just perfect!!

There are only positive feelings and memories of my Umrah trip and I can quite easily say that a large part of this was down to the passion and commitment shown by Mufti Adam and Zaytoon Academy. From the first expression of interest to the last Salaams on arriving back to the UK – Jazakallah, that was incredible!

Rehan Hawa
Perry Barr

Assalamualaikum, Brother Adam and Sister Fatima.

I write this review from my experience of the Umrah & Seerah Tour in December 2017.

Firstly, I would like to offer dua’s upon both of you for the guidance, advice and the informative spiritual tours on our journey of Umrah. May Allah bless you and your family with unity, health and happiness insh’allah in the dunya and akhirah.

Secondly, I would like to point out that I had not travelled with Zaytoon Academy before and had decided to travel with your group due to the reviews from family members who previously travelled with Zaytoon Academy to Saudi Arabia for umrah, Palestine for masjid-al-Aqsa and Turkey for the ottoman empire tours.

My personal experience on the Umrah tour was one that I will not forget for a long time. I can only say that I am looking forward to travelling with Zaytoon Academy in the future, Allah willing.

I feel like the tour had been specifically designed for my children and me. It was informative, spiritual and inspirational. I had been to Umrah in 2013 but did not go to as many ziyaraats. We were also taken to the museum which explained the times of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in detail. 

Nashat Hussain & Family
Winson Green

I went for Umrah in December 2017 with Zaytoon Tours…what an experience! Alhamdulillah! Very very well planned and executed. From the moment I put my name down everything was extremely easy and efficient. 30 days before our departure, Mufti Adam would send us daily reminders and information detailing the significance of the trip, what to expect, what to do, what to take etc.

The hotel check in, ziyarats and transfers were all dealt with quickly and efficiently. The hotels were awesome and on the doorstep of the Haram which allowed us to spend more time inside the masjids.

Overall it was a very educational trip and an amazing experience; I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

10/10 for Zaytoon Tours! Keep up the good work, may The Almighty reward you for your efforts.

Shabbir Mahomed
Perry Barr

Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah me and 3 friends went for umrah in December 2017. We opted to go with Zaytoon tours as it was our first time of performing umrah for two of us and we weren’t let down at all. It was an amazing experience made easier and much more educational with the help and advice of mufti Adam. Everything was very professionally dealt with and we were very close as a group also. Even other members of the group who have been in the past had an amazing experience and learnt a lot more. I would 100% recommend travelling with Zaytoon Tours as I couldn’t fault them one bit. 

Hamza Husein
Perry Barr

Assalamo Allaikum

Me and my family (2 adults 4 children) travelled with Zaytoon Tours December 2017 for our first Umrah as a family. Having heard many of the respected Muftis talks and lectures we knew that having this input during our Umrah would be very beneficial. Alhamdulillah we were not disappointed. Having learned Seerah and Islamic history myself it was a whole different experience listening to it while standing next to these historically significant places. We were very aware that we would not have had the same experience if we had simply ventured out to these places with our own private taxis. The accommodation was excellent in both cities and transfers and travelling was made easy. For me being close to the haram was very important as being further away would have proven difficult with a small child. As both harams were 5 minutes walking distances away it was ideal for us. Having both female and male scholars available for queries, only a text away was also excellent, always ready with a prompt reply. We loved all the chosen Ziyaarahs and trips we made and were very happy with the service provided by Zaytoon. We were disappointed on missing out to see the site of Badr, but as it was fully booked, some things we had to accept were out of our control. We would definitely recommend Zaytoon Tours and would like to thank all those involved in making our Umrah easy. May Allah accept it and May Allah reward you all in the best way. Ameen.

Iqbal Family








Writing this email to thank you for the fantastic experience my family and myself had during the Umrah Seerah tour during the Easter holidays!
MashaAllah the journey exceeded all expectations; in terms of a spiritual, educational and of course a family holiday.
I had decided to travel with Zaytoon Tours due to the excellent feedback from family members who had also travelled with the group, on several other occasions.  From the moment I made the initial enquiries I felt reassured that I was receiving a professional service. The booking procedure was simple and straightforward, I was informed and regularly updated with issues such as payment amounts, dates and documents required.  Anything I was unsure about or needed further clarification on was only a phone call, text or WhatsApp message away.
Admittedly there are other tours available which are cheaper in terms of cost but what you need to bear in mind is that this is a “quality experience.” You definitely get what you pay for. Mufti Adam takes you on a journey, he keeps you informed, focussed, motivated and is constantly available to answer any questions you may have and general advice and guidance all throughout the journey (from the moment you step onto the coach in Birmingham!)  I felt the cost and pricing reflects the service offered.  This is not simply a case of getting you on a plane and into you hotel room and then leaving you to work things out for yourself.  You are supported all the way and an itinerary during your stay at both Holy cities, reflects this.
Unlike most, Zaytoon Tours expect all those travelling to attend a Pre Travel Seminar.  Mufti Adam uses this as an opportunity to explain and go through the itinerary, help to focus the mind on the religious significance of Umrah and its spiritual benefits.  you get to meet the other members of the group who will be travelling.
One of the great benefits of travelling with Zaytoon is that they take care of all the airport transfers, assisting with the loading and unloading of suitcases this, does alleviate a lot of stress and hassle, this was especially appreciated as we travelled with young children.
the accommodation in both the holy cities was excellent.  Both in terms of quality and proximity.  Buffet breakfast is available and of a very good standard.  You do have to take care of the other meals throughout the trip.  A list of  catering is made available and the service admittedly is varied but that is down to personal preference.  there are plenty of places to eat in both cities and Mufti Adam was keen in highlighting recommended options.  I must point out that the group members we travelled with displayed a high level of generosity, especially in Mecca.  In fact throughout the journey I felt there was a good positive, helpful atmosphere.  I can however appreciate that if food was provided this of course would be more convenient
In both the Holy cities Mufti Adam was constantly and readily available to answer questions, provide guidance and also to inspire and motivate.  this meant there was always something on the schedule that had been planned for the group.  I was very impressed by the extensive, detailed and enthusiastic Ziyaraats.  The journey to Badar (which is quiet rare to be offered) was special.  Overall the Ziyaraats and the visits to significant historical sites were of a very high quality – Mufti Adam displayed a high level of enthusiasm, knowledge and passion.
I travelled with young children and my elderly father, who needed a wheelchair, especially at the airports.  I was offered advice on how to arrange this, which was useful.  Again, in Mecca to perform Tawaaf wheelchairs and wheelchair service is easily available in the Haram and at the hotels.   I didn’t have a problem here.
Alhamdulillah I can honestly say that the journey was excellent.  I cannot speak more highly of the service provided (as is promised).  If you want to learn, be inspired, be spiritually motivated and at the same time have a good experience, I would definitely recommend Zaytoon Tours.  May Allah reward you for all your efforts and grant you continued success. Ameen.
Siraj Kazi & Family


We just wanted to show our gratitude towards Zaytoon Tours for an amazing experience throughout the umrah and seerah tour
It wasn’t just a tour but a spiritual journey in which every individual contributed towards which strengthened the love between us as an ummah

We would strongly recommend all to take up the opportunity to embark on such blessed journeys with Zaytoon Tours

This having been our first time we were unaware of how things would go what we had to do where we would stay what we would eat how much we needed to spend where we needed to buy from where to go etc but there wasn’t a single question left unanswered.

The group were taught exactly what to do when to do it and how to do it after which we were given the opportunity to carry out what we had been taught which gave us confidence of believing that we are capable as individuals of spiritually benefitting ourselves.

This wasn’t just a tour on which you enjoyed a holiday vacation and come back to live normal lives with the work and efforts of Zaytoon Tours this journey was a life changing experience

Every moment we had in the blessed lands we were able to make the most of spending every salah within the haram and hear the azaan clearly and carry out all acts of worship in abundance

Jazakallah kheyr to Zaytoon Tours and all those behind it who work to deliver the best

May the almighty accept your efforts and reward you in both worlds ameen

Kind regards

The Arif Family
Kings Heath



Zaytoon Tours once again continue to help develop spirituality, provide excellence in education and engulf inspiration to common individuals like myself. Through Allah’s bounty and great favour, this has now been my third tour in travelling with Zaytoon: it just keeps getting better and better!

Once again with great efficiency and great organisational skills from the staff at Zaytoon Tours, particularly from Mufti Sahib, the December 2015/January 2016 Umrah and Seerah Tour proved to be very fruitful.

Accompanying a fellow friend on this spiritual tour made him realise the difference in what other packages offered him in the past and in comparison to what Zaytoon Tours offered was of significant comparison.

Not many groups offer inclusive packages with accompanying scholars from the very beginning (when I say beginning, I mean from the moment you register online) to the end (back in your home town) and for them to demonstrate the correct format and procedures of many aspects, and then to explain the history, virtues and significance of the various Ziyarah. Alongside this, the service provided was to the highest possible standard.

Insha’Allah we are eagerly awaiting Zaytoon Tours to organise Hajj very soon; I wish to be top of the waiting list for this.

I strongly recommend you enthusiastic readers to commence (or for some to recommence) this spiritual journey and I highly propose that you travel with Zaytoon Tours. Embark upon this journey and see for yourselves the servitude that the staff at Zaytoon offer.

Hafiz Abul Busher


I went to Umrah and seerah tour with zaytoon academy on the 19th of December 2015 to the 1st of January 2016. The tour was an amazing and inspiring experience. 

The Madinah and Makkah Ziyarah tour and pre-travel seminar were very informative, I have gained a lot of knowledge from it. The guidance and advise that I had received was excellent. Also the accommodation was very close to the Haram in both Makkah and Madinah which was very convenient for me.
With the loading and unloading luggage I had received a lot of help.
I would highly reccommend everyone to go with Zaytoon academy. I have been before with another group in 2009, but I wasn’t given as much information and guidance that I had got with the Zaytoon tour this time.
You cant go wrong, when you have ulamah around you, and you learn more about Islam.

Abul Hussain
Handsworth Wood

With the Grace of Allah we have returned from our Umrah Trip. We travelled with Zaytoon Academy from Birmingham. The reason for choosing the Zaytoon Academy was the cost and it sounded reasonable for what they were offering.

Once we had booked we were kept informed via watsapp right up to the day of departure and a seminar was provided by Mufti Adam which was priceless for someone like me as it was my first trip.

I was very apprehensive initially but as the seminar proceeded I felt comfortable and assured.

We were picked up from Birmingham and flew out from London Heathrow. The flight was on time and the service provided was European standard.

The accommodation was the Hilton 5 star and for that I don’t need to say anything as you would expect 5 star service and it was. The breakfast offered so much variety and it was confusing to decide what to eat and no bad thing as we were there 2 weeks and it gave us the opportunity to try different things.

The evening meal was provided to our Hotel rooms and it varied every day.

On our arrival we were transferred from the Airport to our hotels and personally taken to the Masjid Nabvi in Madina and the Masjid Al Haram in Makkah as a group by Muft Adam and guided. Ziyaraats were provided by the Academy with local English speaking guides to various locations which were very educational.

I would highly recommend the Zaytoon Academy infact we are already planning to go again with the Academy.

The trip with Grace of Allah was organised brilliantly and went very well and the organisers were was very patient with the whole group. As you will appreciate every individual has different requirements.

Once again I highly recommend Zaytoon Academy who ever wishes to travel with them on any of their tours.

May Allah reward the Academy staff for their efforts.

Thank you

Kind regards

Waheed Khan, Nasim Akhtar and Sophia Begum


As Salamualaikum,
On behalf of our family, I would like to express my appreciation to Zaytoon Academy for the excellent efforts in making the Umrah and Seerah tour a success.

From even before I booked my holidays till the day we came back everything ran smoothly through the grace of almighty Allah. 

I recommend Zaytoon tours/academy as an amazing opportunity for any individual or family searching to go for Umrah and Seerah tour . 

We would like to say JazakAllah for all the asistance from Mufti Adam, Qari Yusuf and Fatima apa during our recent umrah and seerah tour, it was invaluable to us and we all appreciate it greatly,

JazakAllah for a stress free Umrah
From, Chand family

Educational, spiritual and inspirational are a few of the many aims and objectives that Zaytoon Academy aim to fulfil. Through the great favour of Almighty Allah these objectives were clearly paramount from the Umrah and Seerah Tour March/April 2015.

From the very beginning, communication with Zaytoon Academy was very helpful and supportive. The systems and processes were very effective with clear manageable steps to follow; particularly as it was my first time going for Umrah and travelling without family.

Regular texts and emails were sent by the respected Mufti Sahib in terms of payment deadlines, meningitis vaccination, passport drop offs and travel advice and guidance.
As well as this, Mufti Sahib would send daily texts about the virtues, significance, historical facts and etiquettes of visiting the Haramain. Method of performing Umrah with its’ rules and regulations were sent and easy to understand.

A pre-travel seminar was arranged for the whole group. Everyone was warmly welcomed and Mufti Sahib thoroughly went over the whole process with regards to the tour, the travelling and the expectations. Our intentions were reviewed from the beginning as to why we were intending to go.

Most importantly I felt the spirituality and significance of the upcoming journey, through his interactive delivery of the study circles. The PowerPoint slides distributed helped us make notes and we all had a clear overview of the whole journey.

Clear guidance and advice was given in terms of what to take, in terms of food, clothing and everything was discussed systematically. We were able to ask questions and many misconceptions were addressed by Mufti Sahib.

Accommodation in both Harams were impeccable. Situated very close to the Haramain we arrive there within minutes. The first couple of days Mufti Sahib and Qari Sahib helped to show us various focal points to help us get around. Different entrances and exits of the Masjid were shown to reach different parts of the Masjid. Times of convenience were also shared, as to when would be appropriate to perform Umrah and Tawaf.

To assist us, Mufti Sahib and Qari Sahib arranged evening meals as part of the package to help reduce stress and to refrain from queuing up and for group members to concentrate on Ibadah and reflect on the sole purpose of the journey. This helped tremendously!

We went for various Ziyarah in Makkah and in Madinah and the guides helped us around. The scholars fulfilled the title as it was a Seerah tour as well.  Whilst in Makkah we went to various places such as Muzdalifah, Arafah, Hudaybiyyah, the museum of the two Harams, the canal of Zubaydah was shown to us and we we realised how people came to the servitude of Islam. Going for Ziyarah helped us to mentally visualise how it is during Hajj and made us ponder about the upcoming Hajj.

Whilst in Madinah we went for various Ziyarah; Masjid Qiblatain, Masjid Quba, Uhud, we also went to Badr, the museum of the exhibition of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam, the 99 names of Allah. We also visited the Darul Madinah Museum which helped transport us back in time and helped visualise how the Masjid, houses and the blessed city was at the time of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam, and even how Makkah was at the time of Ibrahim Alayhis Salam.
Reading about it in books and going for talks can help understand events to an extent, but going there and visiting the historical sites along with its’ events being discussed by the scholars helped put into perspective and everything unfolded in front of us.

Throughout the whole journey, Mufti Sahib and Qari Sahib were there to assist with luggage, any questions we had food and services in general. By the end of the journey the 58 members of the group felt like one family. Everyone looked out and supported each other. Even to the very end Mufti Sahib and Qari Sahib discussed the changes an individual should make in their lives after this spiritual tour.

This is a journey never to forget! Through the assistance of Zaytoon Academy everything was well prepared and very well organised. InshaAllah I hope to continue to travel with them for future spiritual tours. I hope by having read this short testimonial you can also benefit by being educated and spiritually inspired.

Abul Bashur
Primary School Teacher

Assalamualaikum, I hope you are well.
I just wanted to offer my sincere thanks for making this trip unique and so special.  I feel that I have benefited by learning new things, not only allowing me to complete my umrah according to the sunah but also making the experience spiritual and inspiring me to make more effort in reaping the benefits in haram.

From start to finish I can say that you had organised the trip very well, keeping me informed of what to expect and managing my expectations. I found the continual advice which started before the trip and continued throughout the trip very helpful.  The step by step seminar two weeks before the trip helped me refresh my knowledge and gave me an opportunity to clarify any points.  It also allowed me to meet the other members of the group.  The trip was accompanied by qualified male and female scholars on hand to clarify and queries.

The registration process was simple allowing me to benefit from the early bird rates. I was also able to mention my family’s special requirements including catering for my small child and a vegetarian member of the family.  I was kept informed off receipt of any amounts transferred to the Zaytoon account and reminded of all important deadlines for final payments, passport submission etc..

The prices I paid for the package were relatively cheaper then alternatives I had found when I was shopping around.  This package had better hotels, five stars in both Makkah and Madinah.  Breakfast included in Madinah, with the added optional meals during the period, which I didn’t take up, due to personal preference.

Airport transfers from Birmingham to Heathrow, Jeddah to Makkah, Makkah to Medinah, Medinah to Jeddah and Heathrow to Birmingham all air conditioned coaches, with plenty of room for all was included in the price.Help with luggage from hotel staff and also organisers making sure all those needing help got it.I chose to use a wheel chair from my child during umrah and I was helped by Qari Yousuf in the haram and was guided to the correct upper ring.

Ziyarats were inspiring, with an added emphasis on the spiritual meaning to the historic events, putting everything into perspective.  Badr trip also very informative, all trips were accompanied by a experienced guide.Wasn’t expecting trip to include museums and exhibitions, which were well worth visiting, both adding to my knowledge and making it very enjoyable for the kids.

I recommend this group for all people, that is to seasoned travellers as well as first timers.I’m sure you won’t be disappointed and it’s definitely value for money.Thinking about it I can’t fault anything, so it’s a 10/10 from me and my family. 

Hopefully I can travel with you again soon.
Zia Din & Family

Educational. Inspirational. Spiritual. These three terms are significant in themselves but represent very little in comparison to how much more Zaytoon Academy gives.

Being a first time traveller to this spiritual journey, Zaytoon Academy had given us a heads up to what we should expect and to be honest, they had exceeded our expectations to the maximum.

Firstly, from the time of delivering that online application form to our arrival in Birmingham, everything they did was to their potential and beyond and made sure all 58 members of our group were comfortable and knowledgeable in where we are and what we were to do. Alhamdulillah, we were at ease throughout the journey from the start till the end, and if we did have any enquiries or doubts we’d drop a message to Mufti Saab and we’d get an immediate response both before travelling and in Makkah and Madinah. 

Up to the time of travelling we were sent multiple updates a day to inspire, motivate and increase our understanding of this blessed journey, nonetheless, this was to refresh our mind and reason us as to why we’re going, what to expect, how to conduct ourselves, how to perform Umrah, information for travelling (meningitis injections, passport deadlines), and everything was done at heed.

A pre-travel seminar was arranged for the entire of group and in essence it was means to re-establish your intention, to practically guide us, how we should maximise our times in both Makkah and Madinah, what to take with us, departure and arrival times. In essence in these few hours everything was covered, all misconceptions, doubts and questions were reasoned. This was also organised so we could meet others in our group since we were to spend two weeks with each other. Masha’Allah everyone in our group was amazing and looked out for one another, and by the time we came back we were all one family.

As you can imagine we had lots of coach journeys and with each one Mufti Saab and Qari Saab would give an extensive speech telling us what we are passing, what this represents, how this was in the times of our Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam, and on our final journey returning to Birmingham Mufti Saab spoke about how this whole spiritual trip and Umrah should enlighten our lives and bring about a change. Nothing was left unturned to feed our knowledge.  

Furthermore, in order to complete the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam, Zaytoon Academy had also arranged a group Umrah to where our Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam went which is 45 minutes away from Haram Sharif. We took up the additional option of evening meals which was given to us after Isha and this was done so we could focus on the focal point of our journey which was to do as much ibadah as we could. Accommodations in both Makkah and Madinah were literally less than 3 minutes away.

This journey would not have been the same without Mufti Saab, Qari Saab and Fatima Apa, and Insha’Allah may Allah reward you for this and grant us another opportunity to travel with you to another spiritual journey again.
 I definitely recommend Zaytoon Academy regardless of whether if you’ve been multiple times or if it’s your first time for a hassle-free Umrah and Seerah Tour.

Jazakumullahu Khairan
Mussa Yunus and Family,

With reference to our recent Umrah and Seerah tour, it exceeded our expectations in several ways.
Firstly, the barrier of communication was lifted with the whatsapp messaging by Mufti Adam Saab, where information on booking, visas and costs was shared. Religious messages were sent regularly by Mufti Saab, which gave us ample spiritual uplift. For us, Umrah began as soon as our applications were accepted thanks to these messages that were regularly being sent.

Two weeks prior to our Umrah and Seerah tour, a pre-travel seminar was arranged by Zaytoon Academy. Here, we were given information and guidance regarding Umrah and Seerah tour, do’s and don’ts and answers to any questions. It also gave us a chance to meet the rest of our group. Mufti Adam Saab asked us to greet each other, which was a really good idea and a great way of breaking the ice. We had a lovely group of brothers and sisters, it was like one big family alhamdulillah.

The ziyarats were really insightful and informative. Seeing places like the battlefield of Badr, Mount Heera and Mount Thawr helped us to gain a better understanding and a stronger love for our Prophet PBUH. The ziyarats were very well explained by the tour guide. Mufti Adam Saab also gave excellent lectures on the coach journeys.

The booking was very easy, we registered online and then paid a small deposit, which secured our place. We found the cost of the package reasonable considering everything was included,, all transfers in UK and Saudi Arabia, 5* accommodation, ziyarats and breakfast in Madinah.

We were guided at every step, help was always at hand via Mufti Adam Saab, Qari Yusuf Saab and Appa Fatima. Ladies had the extra benefit of having female scholars in the group (Fatima Appa etc).

We couldn’t have asked for or expected anything more than we experienced – we feel we made the right choice. We pray it will make us more closer to the all mighty and closer to our Prophet SAW – Ameen.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a very big jazakallah to Mufti Adam Saab and Qari Yusuf Saab for accepting us to be part of your Umrah group. We are very appreciative for what you have both done for us. Please continue to do duaa for us.
We would recommend Zaytoon tours to the young, old, single and families.
We pray to Allah that Zaytoon academy thrives even more – Ameen. We look forward to travelling with Zaytoon academy again – inshallah.
From Riazul Haq Kazi & Family

At times the heat was scorching, the crowds suffocating and the queues maddening. 
At times I felt the isolation of being far from home in a foreign land surrounded by strangers. 
Now that I have returned, surrounded by comfort and familiarity, embraced by kith and kin all I want it to do is to walk barefoot on the sunbaked marble around the Kaaba. 
What I wouldn’t give to go back…

“There are two things that set Zaytoon apart from other providers”

The first is sincerity; that is not to say that I know what is concealed within their hearts but their words and actions were consistent with the ideals of service and sincerity.  What they could do, they did; where they could help, they did; almost as importantly, what they couldn’t do and where they couldn’t help they directed us to the One who can.

The second was the content; We were encouraged to worship Allah by doing Umrahs and Tawaafs, by performing Salaat and giving Salaams but it didn’t stop there.  We were taken on ziyaraats, far beyond what is customary; we drank from the well of Rawha and to gazed on the mountains of Badr on which the Angels descended.  Throughout we were encouraged to learn and we were given guidance and knowledge to learn.  There is a wealth of Islam and a wealth of seerat that we have no knowledge and no attachment to.  Where better to learn then at the places where the Prophet (Sallalaho alaihe wassalaam) was born, was raised, lived and currently resides?
Raheil Hussain & Family

As-Salaam-o-Alykum, I have read the comments by my fellow companions on the Umrah trip. I agreed with all the comments….and would like to sincerely thank the Zaytoon Academy for the way the Umrah tour was handled from start to finish. Masha’Allah a stress-free experience, with excellent information from beginning to end. Jazakalaah
Ghias Din & Family


The Nisar family(6 children,Mr&Mrs and Grandad)would like to thank you for allowing them to experience an amazing,stress free umrah.From the time of booking to the point of returning home the organisers went out of their way and provided a service above and beyond our expectations(believe me I am very difficult to please) Throughout Mufti Adam SAHIB and Qari Yusuf SAHIB were constantly at hand ensuring that All participants needs were met They went that extra mile and from the bottom of our hearts we cannot thank you enough for providing an amazing STRESS FREE umrah may ALLAH AZA WA JAL reward you and your families and accept from us
We would highly recommend Zaytoon academy seerah tour Please make dua ALLAH SWT allows us to travel with you in March 2015 Ameen

Dr Nisar and family
Prime Dental Surgery

The journey to the blessed lands is always a privileged one, but the opportunity to travel with Zaytoon Academy made it all the better. From the point of booking, we were kept well informed, and also invited to the pre-travel seminar. The expectations were set, and the journey itself was an absolute amazing experience. Our fellow travellers were also inspirational and supportive of each other.
Without the guidance and support of Mufti Saheb and Qari Saheb , this blessed journey would not have been so easy. They ensured no stone was left unturned in delivering service excellence, and supporting us in being able to utilise every moment in the worship of the Almighty. The ziyaarat tours were informative, and timed well. All airport transfers were also arranged promptly, and without any inconvenience.
May Allah accept their efforts, grant them barakah, and accept our journey, and forgive our shortcomings. 
Jazakallah once again…

Mr & Mrs Usman Vorajee


We would like to thank Zaytoon Academy for a wonderful 14 days experience which we will remember all our lives.
You made our journey so easy for us from beginning to the end stress free.
It was very well organised. We would advise young or old including disabled to travel with them as they take good care of you. Inshallah hope to travel with you soon in the near future. Also the group of people we travelled with were amazing.
May Allah give Zaytoon Academy great success in what they are doing ameen

Assalamualaikum, Mufti Adam Esmail,
Qari Yusuf Pathan, & Aalima Fatima Aapa,
Our experience with Zaytoon Academy Group for Umrah & Seerah tour has been very positive & we were over whelmed with the whole experience & expertise you learned people have shared with us. We have made these  journeys  before independently, but it was our first time with the group & very pleased to say not a pinch of complain we were supported fully & it was all very good.
We found the booking was straight forward, after putting the deposit we were given enough time to make the final payment no pressure was made.
The package was of a very high standard cost & pricing was very reasonable & very good it was definitely value for money.
Our Scholars were very hands on with sharing & informing the group of do’s & don’t during travelling & our time in Madina & Mecca we were kept well informed all the time.
Pre-travel seminar was a great idea, we all met, we learned,  we ate, & we said you didn’t had to do it but it really helped to meet up even though we couldn’t remember all the names but the faces helped on the day of travelling. Jazakallahu khair 
We just can’t fault any thing,  with all the support, advice, & guidance,you  all have provided.
Airports &  Transfers all well organised.
Breakfast & Food was just icing on the cake, we appreciate your effort in providing the food. 
In holy cities we were so close to  haram which was an added bonus.
Ziyarats & site seeing was very educational, & family did say places they have been with you were never visited before.
Loading of luggage in Birmingham was not great, it’s because families who came to see off their love ones were blocking the way so we couldn’t get the luggage to the driver, next time if we could organise that little better. On return journey it was good.
We can definitely say all the support that has given to us with my ammi being in a Wheelchair, We’ll never be able to repay you all, inshallah Allah almighty will reward them all specially young members of the group who just ran to volunteer.
Tour operators & service provider were excellent,from yourselves, to hotel staff, coach drivers from here & there can’t fault any of you.
Well what do we say about our scholars, we are saving up to travel with you all again, & I think that says it all. On a serious note words just won’t justify we have thoroughly enjoyed the journey with you learned people, learned a lot & tried to perfect our performance to complete the Umrah may Allah except & forgive our mistakes.
Our group was very vibrant, we were very lucky all gelled well, with the mixture of young being 8 months old, & the old being 87 years old, the rest were  in between & that helped the group to support each other. Alhamdolillah 

Jazakallahu khair  
Vorajee family


Alhamdulillah through the will of Allah I was able to travel to the blessed cities of Makkah and Madinah for Umrah with Zaytoon Academy/Zaytoon Tours. 
The overall experience was amazing, alhamdulillah this wasn’t the first time Allah gave me the opportunity to travel for Umrah however it was by far the best so far. Should Allah give the opportunity to go again I wouldn’t go with anyone other than Zaytoon Tours. I will now explain why….
The booking procedure was very very simple and straight forward and hassle free. Once the booking form is complete confirmation is sent for peace of mind. 
The cost of the journey was also more than reasonable and the amount paid seemed too small for the package provided, I was immensely surprised at how much we got in return for such a small cost. After comparison with other equivalent packages it became quite clear that Zaytoon Academy/Zaytoon Tours had gone out of their way to make sure our experience was fully catered for in all aspects for as small a cost as possible. Also the price is split into two payments for easier affordability. 
The information provided was beyond what was paid for and the accompanying scholars made it their duty to make sure everyone was fully informed at all times. This began with initial individual meetings when dropping into zaytoon academy to drop off a payment or drop/pick up a passport etc. thereafter a seminar is provided in which all questions are answered within a pre travel meeting and any additional question/queries can be raised (not forgetting a complimentary meal is also provided). 
During the stay in the two blessed cities it’s a true blessing two have experienced scholars no more than a few rooms away and as those who have been before will know something always comes up. Not only do these scholars deal with islamic issues that may arise but are always happy and willing to help in any way they can throughout the journey.
Everyone’s most dreaded moment of going abroad is the hassle involved in the whole ‘airport experience’ but alhamdulillah I can honestly say even on all the airports the accompanying scholars bent over backwards to make sure we were all happy and comfortable.
Hotels in both cities were mere moments away from the Haramain Shareefain (30 seconds walk) and again the standard of both hotels far surpassed the price we paid. I couldn’t help but think how much work Zaytoon Academy/ Zaytoon Tours had done in order to make this possible. Alhamdulillah both hotels were of very high standard as were the hotel breakfasts included within the package. Not only that but Zaytoon Tours through the will of Allah also managed to provide a hearty meal each day as part of the package which also made the trip a lot more hassle free. 
Having travelled in a group from the UK to the airport I found the continuation of this group travelling was very good. All travel was arranged. by Olive Educational Tours again as part of the package which also reduced a lot of hassle and removed the burden of organising travel. I don’t once remember on the entire journey having to make any travel arrangements alhamdulillah.
The Ziyaaraat which we went on in both cities was extensive and arranged by Zaytoon Academy/Zaytoon Tours. Again in comparison to my previous Ziyaaraat of the two cities I felt this time I gained an immense amount of knowledge I did not know before.
The help provided throughout the journey was indescribable all the way down to loading and unloading luggage from coaches. This is quite obviously the responsibility of those to whom the luggage belongs however the tour providers made a point of providing assistance with this as well. 
The group consisted of very good and helpful people who made it their duty to help others. At no point do I remember anyone struggle from those who required wheelchairs, those who had difficulty walking and those who had young children. Alhamdulillah Allah brought together a group of very nice and caring people.
As mentioned above having scholars at hand is a really big bonus when travelling and in Umrah and not only male scholars but Zaytoon Academy/Zaytoon Tours also has an accompanying female scholar which was an added blessing as the The Umrah and Seerah tour is a family tour.
To Round off I would just like to repeat my opening statement that alhamdulillah I am glad I travelled for Umrah with Zaytoon Academy/Olive Educational Tours and inshaAllah plan to travel with them again and again booking with anyone else at inflated prices now seems pointless. 
I can’t stress how much I recommend travelling with Zaytoon Academy/Zaytoon Tours. 

Abu Aarif
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