Zaytoon Academy
20 Rajab, 1440


Start Date: 11/09/2017
End Date: 05/01/2041
Time: 4:30pm-6:00pm|6:10pm-7:40pm
Cost: £375.00 YEARLY FEE 2018/2019
Location/Room: Zaytoon Academy Educational Trust

Course decription

"Madrassah in a friendly, spiritual and safe environment based on a well balanced and structured syllabus adapted and styled according to the need and requirement of today’s children coupled with enrichment activities, educational outings & special dedication to  akhlaq & tarbiyah."




Minimum application Age: Year 1 Primary School

Yearly Educational Fee 2018/2019: £375.00

Syllabus: A well structured & balanced syllabus catering for the essential Islamic education required by your child in current times delivered in an English medium by qualified scholars.


Qur'an: Qur'anic teaching with full implementation and emphasis on tajweed and fluency in recitation.

Islamic Teachings: A carefully selected range of textbooks & workbooks to help enhance and develop an in-depth understanding of Islam and its teachings in accordance to the age and abilities of children in particular relating to:

Aqaaid- Fundamental beliefs of a Muslim

Fiqh- The rulings and method of wudhu, salah,sawm,zakah,Hajj and other aspects of a Muslim's life.

Seerah- A close study of the biography of the most beloved unto Allah, Rasulullah sallalahu alaihe wasallam

Tareekh- An overview of the Prophets of Allah, Khilfat e Rashida and learning the rich history of Islam.

Akhlaq- Development of character and morals to inculcate tarbiyah and self discipline.
Modern day issues affecting our children- The evils of Smoking, drugs, music, alcohol, zina, disobeying parents, bad company, signs of Qiyamah etc

Duaas and Surahs: Memorisation of the daily invocations of Rasulullah sallalhu alaihe wasallam and of various surahs of the Qur'an which one must know for the correct performnce of Salah.

Arabic Language: A structured methodology of teaching basic Arabic to all children from Class 1 onward with an emphasis on reading,writing, speaking and understanding Arabic so that children develop a basic knowledge of Arabic which would assist in understanding portions of the Holy Qur'an and further studies.




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